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Fake Viagra overdose call ends with charges

A US resident from Florida has been charged after a caller used vulgar language to tell a 911 operator he had overdosed on Fake illegal Viagra.

The call was made shortly after midnight on Jan. 16 from a home in Oakland Park, a suburb of Fort Lauderdale. A man told the 911 operator he needed medical attention because he had taken too many Viagra pills, which are used to help men with erectile dysfunction. The man “used vulgar language and described in explicit detail to the dispatcher the effect the pills were having on him. He even explained how his wife was performing oral sex on him to help alleviate the pain,” police said in a release Friday.

Paramedics responded to the address the caller had provided, but when they arrived, were told no one at the home had called 911 for help. Police went to the home in February and the homeowner identified the voice as belonging to his daughter’s ex-boyfriend. Police have charged Matthew Wade Douglas Jr. with misuse of the 911 system.