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New levitra dissolvable tablets now on sale in the UK

Bayer have released a new dissolvable erectile dysfunction tablet called Levitra ODT (Orodispersible). This is a new type of pill that melts in your mouth to treat  male impotence which introduced in the UK yesterday.
Bayers researchers are hoping it will help men who feel too embarrassed to seek help for erectile dysfunction, as it can be taken quickly at the patient’s discretion. Called Levitra orodispersible, it is manufactured by Bayer.
“It is hoped the advantages of the new product and its discreet packaging will reduce the numbers of patients purchasing counterfeit pills online,” said Marc van Unen of Bayer. Men should still take this drug 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.
Market research by Bayer, makers of the new pill, found four in ten men say existing tablets, which have to be swallowed with water, are inconvenient.
Trials involving almost 1,000 men found the melt-in-the-mouth treatment was safe and effective.
Sexual health campaigners warn that those with erectile dysfunction should always see a doctor because it could suggest the early stages of heart problems.
But many have ended up buying fake products online because they are too shy to see their GP.


Levitra ODT works like Viagra – fizzes on the tongue and dissolves in seconds, meaning it can be taken very discreetly. Levitra is available at Medical Specialists Pharmacy website via private prescription or through our online consultation..
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Pfizer to sell new chewable Viagra in Mexico

Mexican men who have difficulty swallowing Viagra tablets will soon be able to have a chewable version of Viagra. It is known as Viagra Jet, and was developed over four years in Mexico, where Pfizer will start selling it on March 21.

The U.S. pharmaceutical company said on Thursday that the chewable form of the 13-year-old tablet was developed in response to studies of the Mexican market, which is Viagra‘s biggest in Latin America after Brazil.

“It’s a new alternative for patients and doctors,” said Beatriz Romero, Pfizer’s marketing manager in Mexico. “The chewable format could appeal to patients, particularly those who can’t swallow the tablets.”

Pfizer said studies have shown that as many as 60 percent of people grind tablets or open capsules to make the contents easier to ingest. About 6 million Mexican men suffer from impotence, according to a 2001 study published in the medical journal Revista Mexicana Urologia. Pfizer said it estimates that 1 million of them receive treatment.

Pfizer has reported that it sells around 3 million Viagra pills a year in Mexico alone. According to research firm IMS Health, Viagra has about one third of the market share in Latin America’s second biggest economy.
Viagra Jet is only available in Mexico, but the company may introduce it to other Latin American countries, depending upon local regulatory approval, Pfizer spokeswoman Karla Fuentes said.

The development of Viagra Jet will not extend the drug’s patent life beyond its 2012 expiration, Pfizer said. A number of the company’s patents are due to expire over the next few years, and it has said that it would drastically reduce its research budget to shrink operations.


Medicare illegally spent over $3 million on Viagra

The American company Medicare have reportedly spent three million dollars illegally on Viagra for the elderly and disabled it emerged yesterday.

Administrators have blamed the payouts in 2007 and 2008 on a computer software error and vowed to try to recover the money for private insurers. The spending breached a 2005 ban on erectile dysfunction drugs under the government health program.
In his report, George Reeb, acting deputy inspector general for audit services at the Department of Health, said Medicare ‘should not have covered these drugs.’ It paid out more than $3 million alone for Viagra tablets which had $1.9 billion sales in 2010, according to Bloomberg.
Medicare also paid an unknown amount for impotence drugs in 2009 and 2010, said the report.
The payouts  were a fraction of Medicare’s spending on drugs over the two-year period which came to $133 billion. Medicare’s administrators told the inspector general they would fix the mistake by updating computer databases with codes for the banned drugs.

Fake Viagra overdose call ends with charges

A US resident from Florida has been charged after a caller used vulgar language to tell a 911 operator he had overdosed on Fake illegal Viagra.

The call was made shortly after midnight on Jan. 16 from a home in Oakland Park, a suburb of Fort Lauderdale. A man told the 911 operator he needed medical attention because he had taken too many Viagra pills, which are used to help men with erectile dysfunction. The man “used vulgar language and described in explicit detail to the dispatcher the effect the pills were having on him. He even explained how his wife was performing oral sex on him to help alleviate the pain,” police said in a release Friday.

Paramedics responded to the address the caller had provided, but when they arrived, were told no one at the home had called 911 for help. Police went to the home in February and the homeowner identified the voice as belonging to his daughter’s ex-boyfriend. Police have charged Matthew Wade Douglas Jr. with misuse of the 911 system.


How Gum Disease Can Lead To Male Impotence

Once in the bloodstream, this plaque-causing bacteria can attach itself to the walls of the arteries or existing plaque in the arteries and lead to coronary artery disease.  When blood flow is constricted, due to plaque build up in the arteries, the heart must pump harder to move blood through these arteries and blood vessels.

In the same study that tracked men with periodontal disease,  2.1% of respondents without Male Impotence had advanced periodontal disease, 9.8% of the subjects had mild Male Impotence and the same advanced periodontal disease. The most recent  number was 15.8%, and it was representing the percent of persons with moderate or severe Male Impotence and advanced periodontal disease.

This study demonstrates the human mouth is full of bacteria, and people who do not brush their teeth regularly, or visit their dentist to remove plaque tend to have higher levels of bacteria  and are more likely to have bleeding,swollen gums and gingivitis, which can lead to periodontal disease.

These openings in the gum line or on the gums are a perfect host to allow dangerous bacteria to enter the bloodstream and potentially cause serious health problems, such as heart disease or Male Impotence.


Medical Specialists announce new online Pharmacy website

Medical Specialists Pharmacy
Medical Specialists is now pleased to announce there new online Pharmacy website, where they now able offer UK a private prescription service as well as a chemist shop selling non-prescription items.

The new site also includes a brand new membership system enabling customers to register there details and save them for quick repeat orders upon re-visiting the website for their medication.

medical Specialists still offers the same prescription items and also some new non-prescription items on their chemist shop such as Condoms, Alli weight loss treatment & Durex Vibrating rings.

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A Pfizer office worker stole over £150,000 from her bosses to fund and expensive Lifestyle.

Carol Jones who was sentenced at Manchester Crown Court along with her husband for 19 months for stealing Viagra to fund holidays and spending sprees.

Apparently her husbands business was struggling but the couple managed to have a lifestyle like of “Keeping up with the Joneses”, Manchester Crown Court heard.

But they were caught out in spring 2007 when bosses at Pfizer became suspicious of why money had vanished.

Jones kept her husband “under the radar” while working with him to get payment from Pfizer for overpriced work. The couple also billed a firm responsible for facilities management for “phantom” work Pfizer had already paid for.

The couple, of Winsford, Cheshire, were convicted of false accounting, deception and fraud. Jones was jailed for 16 months and her husband for 19 months.