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Effects of Viagra

So far Viagra has been the biggest seller of all medication year upon year, and it never seems to be to far out of the news some way or another.

So far this year, we have had Dogs & babies saved my taking Viagra tablets for heart conditions, women being able to get pregnant when unable before from taking Viagra UK all good things so far.

But there have been reports this year of things turning out not so well for people who have tried Viagra. For example take the man who tried to much viagra and his vision went blue, pretty annoying hey.

Or new reports coming out that you can now go deaf from taking Viagra, well atleast you wont have to hear the wife going on…

And last of all the German rocker who went on a weekend booze, women & Viagra binge and couldn’t see straight for days afterwards, not to convinced about that one I would imagine other factors like drugs & alcohol came in to play.

But there has also been some good news for the women to shout about, female Viagra is on the horizon.


Sexual Dysfunction – The quest for the new Viagra continues

Drug developers interested on the sexual dysfunction market are searching for the next Viagra UK. Companies are focusing on premature ejaculation and female hypoactive sexual desire disorder, which are suggested to be as prevalent as erectile dysfunction. As products advance through the pipeline, there are several challenges that will have to be addressed in order to succeed in these markets.


*Overview of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and female sexual dysfunction disorders including epidemiology and key unmet needs.

*Summary of the drug classes currently used for the different sexual dysfunction disorders and an update of the latest proposed treatment guidelines.

*Evaluation of marketed brands and pipeline agents for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and female sexual dysfunction disorders.

*Insights from interviews with seven leading US and European key opinion leaders in the field of male and female sexual dysfunction.

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The Bad image of the Pill

Why does the pill have a bad image? Contraception on the whole challenges strong patriarchal traditions. It took Japan 40 years to register the pill but only six months to approve Viagra UK. John Rock, the obstetrician who conducted the first trials of the pill in Boston, was a devout Catholic who went to Mass every day. He argued that the pill was natural because it imitated pregnancy and breastfeeding, and most people expected the Vatican to bless the new method as licit for Catholics. Instead, in 1968, Pope Paul VI issued the encyclical Humanae Vitae condemning the pill. Rock and millions of Catholics stopped going to Mass, but popes up to and including Pope Benedict XVI have continued to tell Catholic women not to use birth-control pills.

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Fake Amazon “Deal of the Day” emails doing rounds

Fake Amazon newsletters have lately become regular visitors in inboxes around the world.

With “ Deal of the Day” in the subject line, coming from seemingly legitimate Amazon email addresses, and looking a lot like legitimate newsletters with product endorsements coming from the online retail giant, the spam campaign was probably pretty successful.

A click on any image or link embedded into the email would lead the victim to a possibly malicious site.

According to the various entires on Amazon’s forum, similar messages that contained endorsements for Viagra UK and other pharmaceuticals instead of items on sale at Amazon. A quick roll-over over the links with the mouse revealed all of them to be directed to a Russian domain.

As one of the forum visitors commented, the problem with this kind of email is that the text is the same as in the legitimate Amazon emails, so if she labels it as spam, her email filter will block every future Amazon email of this kind.