UK sexual advice group reports two thirds of men report erectile concerns.

More than two-thirds of men who contacted a British non-profit group for sexual advice said they had erection problems, officials say.

The association’s Web site attracted more than 200,000 visitors from many countries during the study period, from as far afield as Afghanistan and Zimbabwe, the researchers said.

Lead author and family doctor John Tomlinson, who ran a hospital-based men’s health clinic for nine years and now works with the Sexual Advice Association, said the study looked at the 5,531 telephone calls and 2,160 e-mails from men received during 2009 and 2010.

More than 673 e-mails required a more in-depth reply from a doctor specializing in male sexual dysfunction, Tomlinson said.

Analysis of the 673 e-mails found:

69% of the problems were erection problems. This can be treated in most cases with medication such as Viagra, Cialis and levitra.

12% of the emails and phone call were about premature ejaculation, again which can now be treated with prescription medication such as Priligy.

Erection problems increased with age and the age groups most concerned with premature ejaculation were 31 to 40 years and 41 to 50 years respectively.

The findings are scheduled to be published in the October issue of the International Journal of Clinical Practice.


Man gets caught trying to import eleven thousand fake tablets into Latvia

After two weeks of complex operations by the National Latvian Police they unfortunately failed in arresting a man who imported eleven thousand fake Viagra & Cialis tablets from London into the Latvia.

However the 22 year old had realised the police were chasing him and dumped his stash. He has now been detained for trying to import the counterfeit tablets from London which he had planned to sell without a prescription which is illegal.

There are numerous amounts of illegal pharmacy style websites online selling counterfeit Viagra and Cialis, which are sold without a prescription in pubs and clubs throughout Europe for around five Euros per tablet.

It is now on a case by case criminal proceeding, and the 22 year old man is being threatened with imprisonment for up to two years including forced labour or a fine of up to 150 minimum months worth of salary.

For anyone trying to Buy Cialis UK prescription medication online always make sure the company is a registered pharmacy and displays their pharmacy logo and number on their website.

As reported in the Latvian newspaper http://www.diena.lv


Viagra smuggling foiled during fly-in

While hundreds of police officers wait for pro-Palestinian activists at Ben-Gurion Airport, Woman arriving from China arrested with 50,000 fake pills



Hundreds of police officers have been stationed at Ben-Gurion Airport since Thursday in a bid to Israel chose that exact time to bring in some 50,000 fake Viagra pills from China.

Six of the gang members were arrested. Their remand was extended by five days at the Petah Tikva Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

It’s unclear why the gang members decided to import the fake pills on a day when the airport was “flooded” with hundreds of police officers waiting for the fly-in activists.

In addition, the police’s economic unit and the Tax Authority have been collecting intelligence on the gang members for quite a while now.

According to the information, the gang members are residents of northern Israel in their 30s who have been importing fake Viagra pills from China. The erectile-dysfunction drug is only sold with a medical prescription, but the group found a cheap way to “assist” men through the black market.

According to suspicions, they contacted manufacturers in China and imported large amounts of Viagra pills. The police received information that another delivery was expected to arrive in Israel this weekend, but were certain that in light of the high alert at the airport, the gang members would cancel or postpone the delivery.

Surprisingly enough, a young woman in her 20s arrived from China with a suitcase on Thursday night. Customs officers and detective of the police’s economic unit searched the bag and found 50,000 fake Viagra pills.

Shortly afterwards, the other gang members were arrested in their homes, where the police found a additional 50,000 pills.


Google+ Spam Campaign Promoting Viagra

In what loss to be the first major cyber criminal drug campaign exploiting the Google+ brand, spammers are sending out fake Google+ invitations that in reality point to online pharmacies selling illegal generic versions of Viagra.

The messages look similar to the real emails that users may receive from friends who are already members of Google+.

However, clicking on the links will not take you to the new social network, but instead take you to a Canadian Pharmacy website promoting illegal Viagra, Cialis and Levitra online. In the case of the site shown below, they even have a special July 4th promotion – just in case you were hoping for additional fireworks on the night.

The spammers are no doubt hoping that the email will be too hard to resist for many people eager to see Google’s new social network, although just how many users will be tempted to buy illegal drugs online is unknown.


Condom sales in Georgia on the Rise

Data from the National Statistics Office of Georgia has highlighted a 29% increase in the total amount of investment in the import of condoms from $350,000 to $450,000 in 2010 from the same period in 2009.

Viagra, the erectile dysfunction treatment drug, has also seen an increase in sales. GPC, a pharmaceutical company in Georgia, says that it sells on average 200 packets of Viagra a month. However, the company that produces Viagra, Pfizer, will be facing competition from the Georgian company GM Pharmaceuticals who have recently started to produce a generic version of Viagra, simply called ‘Sildenafil’. Sildenafil Citrate is the active ingredient in Viagra.

The Sexologist Gia Beorishvili says that the number of his male patients is permanently increasing although, he still believes that the prevailaing Georgian mentality is to avoid trips to the sexologist in order to seek help with their sex life. However, compared to 10-15 ago the use of Sildenafil Citrate is much greater, presumably as more people become better educated about the treatments available for erectile dysfunction.

Beorishvili adds, “The experience showed that Viagra is a very efficient medicine. That’s why I regularly prescribe Viagra or other substitute medicines for treatment of my patients who have the need for it.”


Drug dealer spared jail by soft judge

olin MacDonald, 34, appeared for sentencing before Judge Stephen Holt after cops who raided his home found:
90g of highly-addictive crystal meth rocks stuffed in a washbag;
90g of powdered cocaine;
100 ecstasy pills;
85g of amphetamines, and THREE bin bags stuffed with dried cannabis leaves.

Police also discovered seven boxes of Viagra, a large quantity of powerful painkiller Tramadol, self-seal bags and two sets of scales. MacDonald admitted five counts of possession with intent to supply Class A and Class B drugs at a magistrates’ hearing. Yet Judge Holt gave him just a suspended 12-month jail term.
And MacDonald, of Dollis Hill, North London, walked free.


Viagra turns thirteen

27th March this day in 1998, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the drug Viagra, Later that year; it was approved for sale on the European market by the European Commission.

The main ingredient of Viagra – the chemical sildenafil – was initially being trialled as a treatment for angina. But researchers at Pfizer soon found that, while sildenafil had nominal effect on angina patients, it was highly effective at inducing erections. The reaction took about an hour, a little longer if the pill was taken after eating fatty foods. Seeing the economic opportunity in such a biochemical effect, Pfizer decided to market the drug for male impotence also know as erectile dysfunction.

When Viagra was first marketed, erectile dysfunction was a condition that was under-recognised by most members of the public. So in order to increase awareness, Pfizer recruited ex-US Presidential candidate Bob Dole to act as a spokesperson for Viagra in advertisements. This post would later also be filled by the Brazilian football legend Pele.

The popularity of Viagra would eventually inspire Pfizer’s competitors to create their own erectile dysfunction treatments. The first of these to be approved was Levitra, which was co-marketed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Bayer and Schering-Plough in August 2003. In October 2003 another erectile dysfunction medication called Cialis, marketed by GSK, was approved.

All three erectile dysfunction medications have been used by millions of men worldwide. Viagra sales in 2010 alone were around $1.9 billion. Next year Pfizer will face an important milestone – the expiration of Viagra’s American patent. In parts of the world where Viagra does not have a valid patent, such as China, genetic versions of Viagra are already available under names such as Kamagra and Caverta. Once the US patent is up (providing Pfizer is unable to obtain an extension), generic versions of Viagra may begin to become a significant rival to the branded drug.